5 Things Stopping You From Losing Fat And Gaining Muscle

Hi folks! I’ve dedicated a whole episode to the most common question I get asked:

“B, how can I lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?” 

This episode will share the 5 top mistakes that I see people doing or YOU might be doing that are preventing you from losing weight and gaining muscle. 


If you want specific methods on how to lose weight and gain muscle, there are tons of resources out there. Better yet, I have just released an online weight loss course called EDUCATE with my sister Mirna (who’s also a dietician) that you can watch wherever and whenever to get the best information available. I’ll give you more details towards the end of the episode and add a link to the show notes. 



I also want to share that this week, a lovely lady came up to me in the gym locker room and told me she’s a huge fan of the podcast, and guess what? That made my day! I’m grateful to each one of you who download the episodes and take the time to listen to it in the car, while working out, shopping, doing laundry, and sharing it with people in your circle to help them develop a healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle. 

I’m always delighted to hear your feedback and suggestions for topics to cover, so please don’t forget to rate the episode and write a short and sweet review directly through the iTunes podcast app! Those make me extra happy and help me deliver content at my fullest capacity for you.


Alright, without further ado, here are 5 things stopping you from losing weight and gaining muscle: 

1. Lack of consistency. 

a. Giving up too quickly! Keep your head in the game. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your biceps.

b. It takes on average 4 to 12 weeks to see a difference, so be patient and trust the process. There are no quick fixes out there! 

c. If you’d like to get into healthy eating but don’t know where to start, read through the meal prep article to get you started or listen to the podcast episode

2. Not eating enough (hear me out)  

a. You could go an entire week starving yourself for a calorie deficit, but end up feeling awful and going back to old habits. Starvation is not the answer, even if you feel you can keep it up!

b. You might not be eating enough protein. This makes it harder to lose weight or gain muscle. That could be anything from eggs, chicken, lean beef, fish, milk, dairy, and lentils. 



3. Not exercising, just dieting

a. If you’re doing too much cardio, you could actually lose muscle because of it or your body will plateau. Too much cardio breaks down muscle. Trust me, you want to retain muscle if you want to increase your metabolism. 

b. Invest in some weights if you’re doing a home workout or consult me for personal training, you should be lifting weights to stimulate muscle building. For those worried about bulking up, that only happens if you’re overeating or you’re not in a calorie deficit. 

4. Hidden calories are everywhere

a. It’s unfortunate, but there are hidden calories in healthy foods as well! Portion control is your best friend in this case. You could be choosing healthy food at each meal, but they could be higher in calories and fats than you assume. I don’t mean to scare you away from healthy food, it’s just good to be aware and informed to make better choices.

b. The other day, I calculated the calories in a restaurant that offers healthy nutritious salads. While the salad itself is around 300 calories, the dressing was 500! So if you’re putting the entire dressing cup on your salad, you’re consuming up to 700 calories in a meal that won’t even leave you full. I’d put half the dressing or make my own using less oil. 


c. A “healthy” meal plan that is high in fats, almond butter, avocados, olive oil, and nuts like almonds and pistachios will dramatically increase the calorie count in your diet. Other items that pack a lot of calories in them are alcohol, peanuts and cashews, and vegetable oils. It’s great to be mindful and pay attention to these things if you’re frustrated about not losing weight.  

5. Stressing too much about all of it!

a. In this journey, stay gentle with yourself, be kind, and only say things to yourself that you would say to your best friend. You wouldn’t tell your best friend she’s a failure, would you? Or that she sucks, can’t stick to a routine, or that she’s fat.

b. Choose encouraging words like, “I can do this,” “I’m working on being the best version of myself,” and “I’m finding the rhythm that works for me.”


So try to think back about any of the points that I just shared and see which ones you might be struggling with. Are you lacking consistency in your routine? Are you not eating enough protein or too little calories throughout the day? Are you doing the wrong form of exercise? Or perhaps not pushing yourself enough during the sessions? Are you a victim of the hidden calories found in restaurants? And finally, is this whole thing causing you too much stress? Can you find a way to be more gentle with yourself to enjoy this process and actually reach your goal? 

I hope this has brought value to you. If it did, please share it with a friend that may be doing at least one of these things but not realizing it. 




If you want the best tool to lose weight the right way, buy the weight loss course that Mirna and I released. It has over 12 videos and we’ll keep updating it with topics like eating out, sleeping habits, counting calories, and more. This course is a combination of videos from Mirna and myself, it’ll be as if you’re in a consultation with us.

People have been loving it and guess what? You’ll also get the Super Recipes E-book as part of the package! 

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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