7 Reasons You Have to Start Pilates Today!

My journey with Pilates started around 8 years ago. I was always an active girl with a big love for fast walks, and regular aerobics. Who remembers the Lebanese show from the 1980's, Ma ilk ila Haifa?

When I started my first job, with all the stress one goes through, I got introduced to Hatha Yoga and was practicing it for around 6 months till the owner of the center invited me to try a Pilates session given by an instructor coming all the way from the USA to Beirut, and it was love at first sight!

I started doing Pilates once a week, and it was doing wonders to my body shape. My body loved it, it was a great match! Seriously: it elongated my muscles and tackled muscles in my body that I did not even know existed.

Hanine, 7 reasons you should start pilates today

It was just starting in Beirut, Lebanon and I was literally following instructors in different exercise studios to practice around 3 - 4 times a week. Until it was time I got my training certificate to become an instructor myself. Get a taste of what a great Pilates workout is like through the video I prepared for you at the end of this post!

How did Pilates start?

It all started with a young German man, Joesph Pilates, who suffered during childhood from a weak body and decided to find the cure to his illness in exercise, and so he founded the sport after his name which was based on various forms of exercises working on the core muscles and power of the breath to give total body strength. The now known as Pilates reformers were initially used for rehabilitation for those injured during World War I, they were made from springs and hospital beds!

 Pilates exercise by baraa el sabbagh, dietitian, sports nutritionist and personal trainer in Dubai

7 reasons to start doing Pilates

1- Powerful core:

Core muscles are the group of abdominal, pelvic and back muscles. A good Pilates workout helps you build a strong core which is crucial to safeguard us against any injury. It will allow you to exercise better whether running, dancing, football, hiking, you name it!

2- Enhances your breath:

Hanine, 7 reasons you should start pilates today
We often underestimate the power of breath, but yes what we take for granted as a normal vital phenomenon is one of the main pillars in Pilates. The proper way to do it is to breathe in from the nose and out from the mouth, pumping oxygen into the body which will activate the lymphatic system and detoxify your body from the toxins. 

3- No need for equipment

The fundamental Pilates workout is on the mat, moves such as the plank use your body weight to challenge your weak muscles and enhances your power, flexibility and mobility.

4- Relieves back pain and corrects posture: 

Pilates by Baraa el sabbagh registered dietitian, sports nutritionist, personal trainer in Dubai
With less stress on the joints, Pilates moves are gentle on the back. It allows you to develop solid core muscles which are essential to prevent back injuries. It also elongates your muscles allowing you to have better posture.

5- Always something new

The funnest thing about the Pilates? Is that it allows creativity in the class which will prevent boredom and routine. For the same exercise move, there are many variations that can keep it challenging.

6- Exercise for everyone

Exercises are adapted to your level and needs: injured, pre-post natal or athletes. The Pilates instructors can adjust the workout as per your goals. And yes men can do Pilates too! Come on it was founded by a man initially!

7- Happier you

Hanine, 7 reasons you should start pilates today
Pilates focuses on the body-mind connection. What I frequently tell my students is that before you execute the move, think about which muscle it tackles, and you will notice greater benefits. On another note, the release of endorphin and serotonin boosts your mood! Targeting the core which is not only the center of our body but of our emotions equally, you will feel more energized and beat the stress!

So what is holding you from booking your first Pilates class? Still hesitant, here is a ten minutes total body Pilates workout that will seal the deal!


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Stay Fabulous!


La Petite 


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