Bone Broth Benefits, By Baraa El Sabbagh Dubai Dietician

What Is Bone Broth?

Benefits Bone Broth By Dietician, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer Baraa El Sabbagh

Magical elixir. Protein source. Immunity booster. Call it what you want, bone broth is taking Dubai by storm. But what exactly is it? In short, it’s a liquid from cow, fish, lamb, or chicken bones made by simmering the bones in water to release its nutrients. It’s super flavourful, delicious, and most importantly, nutritious. 

Our parents and grandparents used Maggi stock cubes their whole lives to flavor their food, which was high in sodium, salt, and additives. Stock cubes are used because of convenience and lack of time in preparing our own broth at home. But today we have an amazing alternative and easier access to natural, healthy bone broth delivered to our doorstep in Dubai. But it seems there’s a little more to it than just healthier and easier cooking! 

Personal Experience With Bone Broth As A Dietitian and Personal Trainer in Dubai

Because I’m a personal trainer and nutritionist in Dubai, I get a lot of questions from my clients about how to make bone broth and I’m always honest: Because of my busy schedule, making broth at home has never seemed feasible to me (you basically need to set aside 12 hours to make it yourself). That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to have a steady, homemade supply, because I do believe in its healing properties and I love the way my meals taste when I add broth.

So when an all natural broth kitchen called The Broth Lab opened in Dubai, I jumped at the chance to use their stuff. We could all use a protein-filled, on the go mixture for our hectic days. Thanks to its dietary benefits and hearty flavor, bone broth can reinvent any one of your nutritious meals. I’ve got science backed benefits to share with you guys, so let’s get started.

Bone Broth benefits by nutritionist, dietician, and personal trainer Baraa El Sabbagh

Bone Broth Benefits

Broth Is Filled With Nutrients

One of the benefits that MUST be highlighted is that bone broth is filled to the brim with nutrients, including 6-8 grams of protein per cup as well as other minerals such as iron, vitamins, sulphur, zinc, calcium, and magnesium. Not to mention the vitamins in vegetables you would usually add to bone broth, so you’ve basically hit the jackpot here with minerals. 

This is an easy way for you to get those nutrients by using bone broth in cooking your usual rice, quinoa, or making a hearty soup to start your meals with. The more vegetables and wholesome ingredients you add to your meal, the higher the benefits! 

Boost Immunity With Bone Broth

Benefits Bone Broth By Dietician, Nutritionist, and Personal Trainer Baraa El Sabbagh

Harvard Health Publishing reported that there’s evidence on the effects of chicken soup enhancing nasal passages and reducing inflammation in the body more than sipping on hot or cold water. Bone broth and chicken soup are the go-to solutions when it comes to increasing white blood cells, which is important because these are the cells that ease up inflammation in the body. 

Broth Could Be An Alternative To Medicine

Soups and broths are always popular choices when someone is experiencing a blocked nose and nasal passage, because they’re effective and comforting. When you sip on hot soup or bone broth, you’re increasing the flow of whatever mucus in your system, which will eventually get rid of it.

Broth May Be Good For Your Guts

Bone broth is rich in gelatin and glutamine due to the long simmering hours of the bones. Gelatin is broken down in the body into amino acids that are necessary to support and heal your gut. Glutamine has been proven to help with digestion and aid with digestive issues related to leaky gut and irritable bowel disease (IBD). 

Bone Broth Might Increase Your Collagen

Not many people know this but collagen plays a pretty big role in our bodies as it’s the protein that keeps our skin structure in place. Bone broth is an excellent source of collagen and may help with aching bones, muscles, and ligaments by supplementing the body with the essential amino acids. 

Why should we care about our collagen intake as adults? Because once we hit our 20’s and 30’s, the existing supply in our bodies begins to decrease. You’ve probably heard that our skin, hair, and nails are made up of collagen so it’s important to constantly provide our bodies with proper nutrients to support their health.

Give Bone Broth A Try

It’s delicious, adds flavor to your usual meal, packs it with an extra punch of nutrients that you may be missing in your usual diet. If you’re down with the flu, it’s proven to help you get those instant feel-good benefits from drinking a cup or two with your meals. 

It all depends on personal preference at the end of the day. If you’re curious about how to use bone broth or  what the right quantity is, you can always get in touch with me and I’ll find the answer for you. We live in a world where new healthy ingredients are popping up left and right that you don’t know what to believe; so whenever I can be of help, let me know! 

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