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First of all, well done! You made the decision to start a workout program from home. Maybe you’re just getting back into fitness, maybe you’re not comfortable working out in front of strangers. The beauty behind home workouts is you get to do it from the sanctity of your own home. Bonus: you get to wear things the public should never see!


Clients are always telling me they’re not getting results fast enough through a home workout, and I could relate because I used to be in their shoes. I would be looking up programs online and doing whatever I could at home, but the problem was lack of consistency. This is why I’ve compiled a list of tips to amp up your home workout. 


“Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” That’s just a fancy way of saying find a space in your home that’s clear of distractions to call your “gym.” Instead of a workout lasting the required 45 minutes, it ends up being around 2 hours with distractions. Let your family know that you’re going to work out and you shouldn’t be disturbed. Have your kid draw for an hour. Put your phone on silent. This is your time!


Google or create a playlist before you start. Keep it on in the background, it helps get you motivated and in the zone. If you have Apple Music or Spotify, you can find a readymade playlist when you type in “Workout Music.”


For the first couple of sessions, you can start with bodyweight exercises, but once you progress to week 2, invest in some equipment. Start with the basics like a pair of dumbbells and a mat to avoid back and knee pain then slowly progress to a variety of dumbbell weights, elastic bands, kettlebells, and a weight plate. Down the line after seeing progress, you’ll probably want to invest in heavier machinery like a treadmill and elliptical for cardio days!


Have a good workout program ready. Find out how many times a week you’ll be working out. Make sure there’s a balance between full body, upper body, and lower body days. Some programs also include yoga or stretching days. If not, search for full and free yoga sessions on YouTube for your rest day.


Have someone check your form every once in a while. If you’ve never had a trainer before, consider hiring one for a session or 2 so they can teach you the basics or you can reach out to me and I’ll help you through a video call!


Go slow while doing every move. Try to count 3-4 seconds whenever you’re doing an exercise. If you’re doing a squat, count 4 seconds on the way down then come back up. This helps actually engage your muscle. I realize so many people rush through the exercise so they can finish quicker, but this can bite you in the butt over time. If you’re rushed, I suggest you do less exercises but do them full, low, and slow rather than quick and rushed.


Rest is important between sets, but keep a timer next to you to keep yourself accountable to 30 seconds of rest between moves. Try not to go into another room or check your laptop in between sets, or anything that’ll shift your focus from your workout. Imagine you’re at a real session or class, there are no breaks longer than 30 seconds there!  


I’ll help you the most with points 4 and 5. I can provide you with an epic home workout program. There’s one for every level whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Don’t forget: you can always jump on a video call with me to show me how you’re doing your squats, lunges, etc.

I hope this motivates you to continue working out at home and gives you the tools you need to make your experience a whole lot better. 

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