Why I Started A Podcast: B for Better Health

Ever since I moved to Dubai, I drove a lot more. Ever since I got married, I've had to tidy up my space and house. And since I'm a freelancer and work from home a lot of the time, I noticed I have a lot of time to myself and so I discovered Podcasts! 

I'm sure many of you can relate, a lot of times, music just doesn't cut it and you just need something that has more substance. So when you're in traffic, at the grocery store, while working out, and you want something more entertaining and beneficial to listen, tune into your favorite podcasts! 

B for Better Health Podcast, by  Baraa El Sabbagh, Dietitian Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist

What are podcasts?

Podcasts are recorded audio files that you get to hear whenever you want. They can be recorded solo, so one person talking and giving information on their own. Or it could be a recorded audio interview between 2 people. 

In my podcast, B for Better Health, I do both forms of recording, solo and interview. 

Why do I love listening to podcasts?

You get to go inside the brain and have conversations with people you admire, inspired by and want to learn from. Wherever they are around the world. 

& I absolutely love the idea of learning on-the-go, I mean there's so much time to listen to music that it can eventually get boring. Podcasts allow your brain to go into a different zone of learning, entertainment and fun. 

So I decided to start my own podcast called B for Better Health because I felt I had so much to share with you, so many inspirational people to speak with and of course to connect with you on a different level. 

What topics will you find on B for Better Health Podcast?

My aim is to give you more information and insight on things that will help you make better choices. Leading a healthy lifestyle is not always easy and I want to give you more guidance by speaking to experts in the field to answer your questions. 

Check out some of the topics here: 

How to listen to my podcast?

B for Better Health Podcast by Baraa El Sabbagh, registered Dietitian, personal trainer, sports nutritionist in dubai

iPhone users:

  • Listen directly on iTunes by searching for "B for Better Health" podcast
  • Or download the podcast app (shown in the image above) and search for "B for Better Health"
  • Click on this link to take you straight to the iTunes app.

Android users:

  • Download the app: podcast republic and search for "B for Better Health" podcast

Listen to it directly on the web: 

  • If you prefer not to download either, you can listen to it directly through this link

What are some of my favorite health podcasts?

Some of you guys' feedback that warms my heart: 

Please rate and subscribe the podcast to help it reach more people and motivate me to make more for you!

I love receiving your tags in stories when you're listening to the podcast, or when you send me a message to tell me about your thoughts. Keep those coming! 

If you have podcast episode suggestions for B for Better Health, please send me a message here or drop them in the comments below. 


Lots of love! 


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