8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program
8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program

8 Week Nutrition And Exercise Program

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Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Program for 8 weeks

This is not your typical program! It's especially designed to set you up for success whether you’re beginning or continuing your fitness journey. 

The aim in these 8 weeks is to:

  1.   Expand your health, nutrition and fitness knowledge and awareness
  2.   Build habits that ease the path to a healthy lifestyle
  3.   Set you up for success even after the 8 weeks are over
  4.   Guide you to reach your goal

You’re probably thinking “that’s nice, but HOW does this program do all this?” I hear ya! Let’s dive into specifics, shall we?


  •     Personalized programs: 

Because every person is different, this program is tailored to YOU, your goal and individual requirements.

  •     Meal plan AND exercise plan: 

Because achieving your fitness goal heavily depends on the concept of calories in versus calories out, this program aims to control both processes by giving you a workout program and a nutrition program that complement each other and YOU.


  •     Adjustments:

8 weeks on the same plans? Think again!

Because your body tends to adapt after 4 weeks on the same workout plan and calorie intake, once you hit week 4, you’re upgraded to Phase 2 with a new exercise plan that keeps your muscles challenged and an amended nutritional distribution to keep your metabolism on its toes. All so you can keep seeing progress!

  •     Close follow-ups:

Because the major key to success here is consistency and commitment, I’m here to support and guide you every step of the way. My weekly email follow-ups aim to keep you on track AND answer any questions or concerns you may have!


  •     Informative emails:

Because the aim is to empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle, the program includes emails with fitness and nutrition advice, tips and guidance that you can print out and forever keep as your very own fitness guide.


This 8 week program includes workouts that you can do either at HOME or the GYM. No equipment necessary, but if you do have equipment, it will help with challenging yourself! 

The minimum workout days to see change is 4 days a week, and the max is 5. The objective is for you to see change and I'm here to help walk you through it.


  •     Lose excess fat 
  •     Increase your muscle mass ~20%
  •     Learn what to eat every day for effective weight loss
  •     Get in the shape you’ve been wanting
  •     Feel more energetic
  •     Feel more empowered with your eating choices
  •     Lose weight while feeling full


  •     Want to make a transformational lifestyle change
  •     Want to wake up feeling refreshed & energized
  •     Want more recipes and guides on making healthy choices 
  •     Want to take charge of your eating
  •     Want to become best version of yourself
  •     Want to feel confident and strong


  •     A music playlist to get you fired up during your training sessions and help you take it up to the next level. 
  •     Access to my private Facebook Group, B's Workout App. It’s a great place to ask questions, get additional tips, share feedback, and motivate each other.
  •     A copy of Super Recipes Ebook


What to do after your purchase?

First, congratulations! After you make your purchase, I will send you a form to fill out. I want to get as much detail from you as possible so I can create a personalized program that you'll love and stick with even after our 8 weeks together. 

If you have any questions about this program, just contact me here

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Programs will be delivered AFTER August 20, 2020.