About Baraa

I'm Baraa El Sabbagh, a US registered dietitian, certified sports nutritionist, and personal trainer. To say I’m passionate about what I do is an understatement! I love helping people become the best versions of themselves. Through my blog posts, recipe books, workout programs, and my podcast, you’ll find yourself with a strong mind, body, and soul in no time.

Dietitian, RD, LD

Baraa El Sabbagh, Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist in Dubai, UAE

Graduate of the American University of Beirut, licensed in Lebanon, and registered in the US. I’m a strong believer that everyone deserves a healthy life, and that it shouldn’t be as complicated as you might think. Through my freelance work in Dubai and Beirut, I’ve learned to deliver the right strategy to whatever lifestyle you lead.   

Personal Trainer

After my dietetic degree, I pursued my passion in exercise fitness. I earned a certification in personal training and master functional training. My experience in both fields helps you benefit from all angles of your daily activities. I believe, preach, and personally do everything related to fitness and health. 

I'm also a pre and post-natal exercise specialist, so mama's-to-be you can consult me whenever you like!

I currently provide freelance personal training services in Dubai. I also provide beginner home workout programs and personalized programs. 

Sports Nutritionist

I am a certified sports nutritionist, and once that knowledge is paired with the right training, you become unstoppable. Sports nutrition is on a different level than regular nutrition, especially when you want to go for that optimal performance in exercise. I provide sports nutrition consultations and workshops in Dubai and Beirut. 

Co-author of Super Recipes Book

Super Recipes Book by Baraa and Mirna Sabbagh Dietitians

My sister and I created Super Recipes Book to share our favorite healthy recipes with you. We created the book to make healthy eating so simple and delicious. Check out all the details here. 

TV & Media Expert

I think you've caught on by now, I love raising awareness. I take any opportunity that comes my way to spread health and nutrition messages. I've been on several TV channels including Al Arabiya, MBC 1, MBC 3, Dubai TV, Al Araby, Al Ghad, LBC, OTV, Orbit TV and many more. 



Food, travel, restaurants, drinks, sports wear, gyms, workouts are all things I love sharing with people. You'll find all this and a whole lot more through my Instagram page. Give me a follow and let's connect!