Corporate Health and Wellness Talks in Dubai

When you think about corporate life in Dubai, stressful deadlines, long meetings, and tired employees might come to mind. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many innovative ways to inspire and motivate your team’s mental and physical spirit, one of those productive approaches is nutrition and wellness talks. 

My name is Baraa El Sabbagh and I’m a registered dietician, certified personal trainer, and sports nutritionist in Dubai. I believe I can help elevate the wellbeing of the staff in the workplace because I understand the challenges and obstacles that come in the way of a healthy lifestyle and I can suggest tried and tested ways to overcome them. 

Studies have shown that when an employee embraces a healthier lifestyle regarding food and exercise, their job performance can rise by 25%! 

Employees need to be influenced and inspired to lead healthy lifestyles and that’s what I aim to do in my capacity as a Dubai dietician. It’s not about just telling them to “eat their greens” and “exercise 3 to 4 times a week”. I want to change the healthy eating mindset in this work environment to make more room for wholesome living in Dubai.

I have had the honor of delivering my wellness talks in companies such as Google, Prime Ministers Office in Dubai, and International Watch Company (IWC) to name a few. These wellness talks are all delivered with the aim of enhancing the workplace environment and the quality of life of the employees in Dubai. 

Corporate health and wellness training workshop in Dubai by Baraa El Sabbagh, Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist,  Personal Trainer

A nutrition and wellness talk can increase energy in the workplace, inspire people to try things they’ve never tried before, and encourage one another to reach whatever goals someone sets out to do. The dynamics of an office can change for the better once employees see their coworkers become healthier and happier by making small adjustments in their lives, and they realise that they can achieve that as well. 

If your company is pressed for time, you can choose the interactive 30-minute talk, or if you’d like to devote more time, there’s a detailed 60-minute presentation available. 

Topic Suggestions for Wellness Talks in Dubai

Through my nutrition talks in Dubai, I share healthy recipes to take to work, motivation techniques to promote physical activity, and fun ways to incorporate wellness. Make yours the healthiest office in Dubai by having me go into a deep discussion with your staff about the most:

  • Beneficial food for the brain
  • How to increase productivity at work
  • How to achieve wellness when your plate is full (metaphorically)
  • What they can do at the office to give low energy a boost
  • What meal options are healthy and office-friendly

 Every work environment is unique and so is yours. I like to take the time and assess the needs of the staff before creating the content I will be sharing with them in this 30 or 60 minute wellness talk. 

 Best corporate training workshop in Dubai by Baraa El Sabbagh, Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist,  Personal Trainer

Because I’m a personal trainer in Dubai, I’m aware of the challenges a staff member will face when it comes to training after work. I would like to change that culture with your help and advise your team on several options on the best ways to maintain their energy to hit the gym before or after a long workday.

If your office is constantly ordering in junk food for lunch and struggling with a food coma afterwards, then it’s time for a change, and I’m happy you have found me. There’s nothing more prevalent than the topic of weight loss in Dubai, which is a direct result of unhealthy food choices at lunch time. Allow me to come in and set the record straight: you CAN eat good food that’s not loaded with extra calories and will get you back into work mode quickly and efficiently.

Let’s discuss this further, send me a message here and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 

Health and wellness corporate training workshop in Dubai by Baraa El Sabbagh, Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist,  Personal Trainer
The corporate wellness workshop can be geared towards specific topics that are important to your corporation. These talks can be given by Baraa El Sabbagh (myself) and in collaboration with Mirna El Sabbagh who woks at myPediaclinic.