Nutrition Consulting for Restaurants in Dubai

The healthy food trend in Dubai is growing by the day! People are always on the lookout for healthy food options in restaurants to suit their preferences. From vegan, vegetarian, keto, low carb, and low fat, there are hundreds of restaurants catering to those individual needs all over Dubai.

You don’t have to choose a certain diet or food trend to cater to, you can be the healthy restaurant in Dubai that’s got several options for people to choose from. Even if it’s not food your establishment is known for, it’s possible to create a menu that’s well rounded enough for a social group in Dubai wanting to enjoy an evening together at their favorite restaurant. 

I’m a registered dietitian and nutritionist in Dubai that loves to explore different restaurants and especially the health scene. I’m constantly looking for more information on certain dishes and how they’re prepared to make an informed decision, and I know a lot of my nutrition and personal training clients in Dubai do the same thing.

As a Dubai registered dietitian I can help you with:

  • Modifying existing recipes to make them healthier 
  • Categorizing your food options into the different trending diets
  • Deliver calorie counts, macro and micronutrient data
  • Nutrition facts and labeling for dishes you serve
  • Create new healthy recipes with the help of your chef
  • Advise on the most trending diets
  • Suggest changes according to trends 

Send me a message to get started on your project or for a consultation on the best methods to move your restaurant towards the growing health scene in Dubai. It’s my passion to create healthy recipes, ideas, and substitutes that will turn your food nourishing while remaining appetizing. I’ve found the perfect balance of healthy recipes for restaurants that I know  Dubai residents will enjoy as part of a life of wellness.

I am looking forward to helping you become the most visited restaurant in Dubai with a creative and healthy menu that offers delicious meals that fulfill different dietary requirements.

Let’s get started.