Personal Training in Dubai

This service is no longer available.

Are you looking for personal training sessions in Dubai? You have found the right person.

I love guiding people in being more confident with their bodies, reaching their goals, and seeing the week by week progress through my personal training sessions. 


I provide freelance personal training sessions in Dubai.

I believe there's always a way for you to get at least 2 hours of exercise sessions per week in your schedule.

If you'd like to do home personal training or have a gym in your apartment building, then we'll discuss the details of what equipment are available and schedule our first session based on your schedule and mine. 

If you're a member at a gym and would like to train with me, just check with your gym if they accept having trainers come in as freelancers.

The prices for the personal training packages vary depending on how many sessions per week, how many month's, or if you're training with a friend or a group of people.I prepared an email to share with you all of these details.

Enter your details in the message box below to receive the prices by email. 

If there's any questions you have afterwards, please send me a message here.