12 Week Intermediate Gym Workout Program

12 Week Intermediate Gym Workout Program

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This is a level 2, intermediate, gym, workout program.

It's perfect if you've been training at the gym and want to push yourself to get closer to your goals. 

This workout program will challenge you, it has dynamic and different exercise moves to keep your muscles stimulated, it combines days for upper, lower, core, HIIT and full body training days

What's included and what can you expect exactly?
💪🏼3 Month Gym Workout
💪🏼5 days per week
💪🏼Intermediate Level
💪🏼Build lean muscle
💪🏼Enhance your endurance
💪🏼Build a stronger core
💪🏼Fat loss
💪🏼Increase your confidence

💪🏼There are 10 second videos and pictures to show you the exercise move properly.

💪🏼 There are short descriptions to give you more cues. 


    You can always have access to the program even after the 3 months are over directly on the app. I'm here to guide you in the process. 

    Got any questions? Send me a message.

    If you still have more questions about these programs, head over to my Facebook page called B’s Workout App. It’s a great place to ask questions, get additional tips, share feedback and motivate each other.