3 Month Advanced Home Workout

3 Month Advanced Home Workout

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This is a 3 month, 5-day/week program designed to challenge you in your home workout. It also includes a nutrition plan and guide to help you make better choices. Following this program is one of the best ways to get the results you want from home.


What does it include inside:

  1. 1250 and 1450 calorie meal plans
  2. Tone and lean muscles
  3. 5 workouts per week
  4. 3 month home-based workout program
  5. All the exercises have videos

To get the best out of the program, I encourage you to get dumbbells of different sizes (4 and 8 kg), a 5 kg plate, and a resistance band.

If you still have more questions about these programs, head over to my Facebook page called B’s Workout App. It’s a great place to ask questions, get additional tips, share feedback and motivate each other.