Digital Weight Loss Course - EDUCATE

Digital Weight Loss Course - EDUCATE

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Mirna and Baraa created this weight loss digital course based on the most frequent gaps that they see with their clients.

There is no better way to share this information with you other than doing it through interactive video series! 

These videos are worth more than 15 nutrition sessions with Mirna and Baraa. 

They tapped into research and experience to cultivate this weight loss program, all with the intention to guarantee a proper lifestyle change. 

Through this weight loss course, you will set goals, take action and achieve your goals. You will be able to do this by learning how to lose weight, how to eat better, sleep better, cook better, exercise better, solve emotional eating and live in the body that you deserve.

It is a video course and you can purchase it from anywhere in the world.

It includes 10 videos, Super Recipe eBook and PDF for meal planning and motivation.

The program is based on the acronym EDUCATE and it's because we believe education is the best way for you to become independent in your daily lifestyle choices. 

Here is a 1 minute example of one of the many videos you will have access to: 

  1. Introduction to the course 
  2. Eat - Learn exactly what you should be eating at home or outside your home for effective weight loss. 
  3. De-Stress -  Stress impacts your results, learn what to do about it through our tested and trialed techniques to take control of your stress
  4. Unplug - Learn the impact of sleep on the body and learn the evidenced based techniques on how to improve your sleep and improve your weight.
  5. Control Cravings - This must be the hardest part in any weight loss journey and we have the solution for you after years of practice on ourselves and our patients.
  6. Achieve - Many people go on diets for a short period of time and get frustrated. We know this for a fact. For this reason we have the method for you to stay motivated and keep losing weight until you reach your goals 
  7. Time management - "I do not have time to cook or exercise," we hear this often. For this reason we will be teaching you how to organize your time and plan your meals efficiently.
  8. Exercise - The ultimate motivator, Baraa will tell you all about exercise and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals from your living room!
  9. Recipe and meal planning guidelines
  10. Summary and what's next! 

This course will answer all your questions and will leave you with all the information you need for effective weight loss.

It will set your tone for a healthy lifestyle, free from yo-yo dieting, more confidence in your daily food choices and a positive influence that you can have on your family and friends. 

Do you want more support along with the course? Book an online consultation with Baraa here.